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Studio City Dentures

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Dentures are custom-fit, removable, or bonded replacements for natural teeth that have been removed or lost due to injury or decay.

Studio Dental by Dr. Alexander Ash, DDS offers two types of dentures:

  • Completes: These are needed when a patient’s mouth is missing all teeth
  • Partials: These are needed when a patient is only missing some teeth

In some cases, patients may receive alternative treatment, such as dental implants. Oftentimes, dentures are able to restore proper eating, speech, and appearance and allow patients to return to normal functions.

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Services & Techniques That Set Us Apart

Depending on the type, these appliances are made from different state-of-the-art synthetic materials that are specially molded to provide a natural appearance and a feel that’s as close to the feeling of natural teeth as possible. Fortunately, our dentistry is a leader in Studio City dentures, as well as other general dental services.

When you’re in the safe hands of our experienced dental team, you can rest assured that:

  • We will establish what type of appliance is best for you
  • We will make impressions and measurements so your dentures can custom-fit your mouth
  • We will provide you with wax or plastic models to test out
  • Once you’re fully satisfied with your trial dentures, we send all of your measurements and information to a reputable dental laboratory to create your final cast

After this thorough consultation and examination, Alex and our dental staff instruct every patient on denture care and maintenance as well as explain what to expect as the patient becomes accustomed to living with dentures.

Committed to Our Valued Patients

Studio Dental by Dr. Alexander Ash, DDS provides concierge dentistry in Studio City and many other surrounding areas. We are convenient to locate and convenient to access online or over the phone. We have been fitting well-made and properly-fitted dental prosthetics and educating its patients for many years. Dr. Alexander Ash and our staff are always available to answer any questions and address any issues that you may have. We can even perform emergency dental procedures if necessary. Your needs are our priority.

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    Dr. Alexander Ash, DDS takes a gentle, skillful, and patient-centered approach to dentistry.