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When it comes to oral surgery in Studio City, our goal is always to minimize pain and discomfort in patients to ensure smooth procedures with minimal healing time. Oral surgery is often perceived as painful and unpleasant, but our warm and friendly dentists use high-quality tools and equipment to ensure that you’re in as little pain as possible.

Our procedures are performed to resolve:

  • Jaw-related problems: Some common examples include, unequal jaw growth, joint disorders, and improvement of dentures.
  • Impacted teeth: Wisdom teeth, cuspids, and bicuspids are the ones that usually cause issues.
  • Tooth loss: Dental implants, bridges, and dentures are options to repair tooth loss.

Apicoectomy (the removal of the end of a tooth root), bone grafts, and other procedures are needed for many different reasons, such as a preparatory procedure for orthodontic work.

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Our well-trained oral surgeon, Dr. Wright, knows that helping to ease patients’ fears is just as important as implementing proper and up-to-date surgical techniques in achieving desired results. An oral surgeon is a dental professional who handles the necessary surgical procedures and instructs patients as to how to promote quick and complete healing as soon as possible. Studio Dental by Dr. Alexander Ash, DDS is proud to be a leader in Studio City oral surgery.

Our Patients Love What We Do

At Studio Dental by Dr. Alexander Ash, DDS, our oral surgeon is one of the best in the field and our patients love that they can refer to us with the confidence of attaining a healthier and happier mouth. We also take great care of our patients by providing post-procedure and follow-up appointments. We want to make sure that you’re happier and healthier after every procedure that we perform.

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