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Dental health and oral care habits begin in early childhood. It’s important for parents to maintain good oral hygiene for their children from the first moment teeth appear.

Once your children reach the age of 15, bring them into Studio Dental by Alexander Ash D.D.S. for regular checkups and cleanings, as well as to address any dental problems that may be occurring. As a proud leader in Studio City pediatric dentistry, there are many reasons to turn to Dr. Alexander Ash and our qualified dental team.

Some of the most important benefits of pediatric dental services include:

  • Easing fear of the dentist
  • Ensuring a healthy mouth
  • Preventing decay and other problems
  • Developing good oral health habits

Oral health education at childhood helps to prevent cavities and oral health problems in adulthood!

Our Studio City pediatric dentist wants to help ensure the oral health of your child for years to come! Schedule an appointment today by calling (818) 960-6762.

Gentle, Skillful, Caring & Patient-Centered Approach

Our exceptional pediatric dentist provides dental education to both parents and children so children learn how to maintain their teeth properly as well as what foods and drinks can cause damage to their teeth. Cavities are especially common in children, so early detection and treatment of pediatric cavities are important in order to prevent further damage to the tooth, gums, and mouth.

In addition, good oral hygiene habits at childhood are very likely to transfer to adulthood, which essentially ensures a healthy mouth and optimal oral care later in life. Our pediatric dentist can also give proper advice about orthodontics and other procedures that may be needed during the teenage years.

Offering Compassionate & Experienced Dental Care

Dr. Alexander Ash and our esteemed dental team encourage you to find out more about pediatric dentistry because it’s an important beginning step to a patient’s future oral health. Fortunately, we’re proud to offer a broad spectrum of general, cosmetic, and pediatric dental services in Studio City and many other surrounding areas.

We’re eager to offer personalized attention and concierge dentistry to ensure that your child receives the best care. Contact us at (818) 960-6762 to schedule your consultation with our team!

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  • “I've had horrible dental service in the past and these guys guided me every step of the way.”

    - Dan
  • “This is the first time in my entire life that I did not dread going to the dentist.”

    - Dana
  • “Over the past two years he has been so thorough, and gentle, and really cares about his patients.”

    - Cathy
  • “The office is very clean with all state of the art equipment.”

    - Sean
  • “If your looking for a dentist that you can trust this is the place.”

    - Sherry

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