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Does thinking about having your teeth cleaned at the dentist’s office fill your body with fear? Would you rather suffer from a toothache than step foot in the dentist’s office? Don’t worry, it’s not just you. In fact, lots of people are scared of visits to the dentist. Unfortunately, neglecting your oral health can have serious consequences, which is why we offer sleep dentistry in Studio City.

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A Better Idea of What Sleep Dentistry Is

Sleep dentistry, also known as sedation dentistry, involves receiving comprehensive dental treatment in a dental or hospital setting under IV sedation administered by a licensed anesthesiologist, M.D., while the dentist provides the dental treatment.

Determining If You Qualify

The best candidates for this procedure are patients who experience high-anxiety when undergoing any type of dental treatment. It is also beneficial for patients with disorders, such as a hyperactive gag reflex. Sedation can be used for all types of dental procedures, ranging from invasive procedures to simple teeth cleanings. How the procedure is used typically depends on the severity of the fear in patients.

Common types of sedation used in dentistry include:

  • Oral sedation
  • Deep sedation and general anesthesia
  • IV moderate sedation
  • Inhaled minimal sedation

People who have had negative experiences at the dentist are more inclined to receive dental treatment under sedation.

What Makes Us One of the Best in the West?

Good oral health is an important factor of overall health, so if you’re hesitant to receive dental work due to anxiety, fear of pain, etc., get in touch with us. As a leader in sleep dentistry, Dr. Alexander Ash is happy to answer questions, such as how much sedation dentistry costs, the side effects of sedation dentistry, and other concerns related to our sleep dentistry procedures.

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